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The Neuse/Trent estuary offers the best competitive river bass fishing in NC.


2022 is upon us and  tournament season is approaching. Hopefully this year will shape up to be another great year on the Neuse & Trent Rivers.  Come out and join us for some great tournament action.  Find someone to take fishing!

neuse river bass

Qualifier 4- August 26

We will not be making up the


missed tournament from


earlier in the year due to a


lack of ramp availability. 


Those that fish 2 of the 4


tournaments this year will


qualify for the Classic.




Click below for the official Event rules of Neuse River Bassmasters Tournaments. For rule clarification, contact us anytime.

Area Trail Schedules/Results
Entry Fee >>  $60/boat           Membership Fee >>  $25/person

Pre-registration not necessary.  All dues and entries handled at the ramp prior to launch.

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